Saturday, December 25, 2010

Went to the Beach for Christmas

Hi all, Tiffanie here. :)

I just gave a quick phone call on skype to Jacob's mobile phone. My connection here is having issues, cause my computer's outlet cord has a short and it keeps losing power, But I was able to get in 7 minutes of talking by calling 7 times, 3 times I got through, enough to have this brief transcription from Rachael:

For Christmas we had our friend over last night and had a dinner and had the nativity and today we just did really simple and went to the beach, Carillo, with four people from our ward. It was overcast so it wasn't sunny but it was great!

I didn't tell her she was being recorded. :)

And this from Melanie Royal:

We were nervous for the kids about Christmas but when they woke up this morning they were all excited about their presents and it was great. It took a long time to open presents cause everyone had to take their turn.

That was all I caught, hope I got it right! My audio went bad.

I never went to Playa Carillo, but here's a link to where it's at and a photo from online.

The RMs live about 5 kilometers southeast of Nicoya. See here.

I wasn't able to get back through after that call - but wanted to tell all of you how you can call them! First, make sure you have audio and a mic on your computer or buy a headset. On the internet download Skype - it's free to download. Set up an account. Once you do that, go to "Add a Contact" and enter the Costa Rica flag, and it will put in their country code of +506. Then add the rest of the numbers -

For the Meyers' cell phone - 89876261
For the Royal's cell phone - 88088761

Try either one, cause they live together you know! So you'll usually be able to get through to who you want to chit-chat with.

You'll have to buy some skype credits to call a cell phone from your computer, but it's pretty cheap - land lines are 2 cents a minute, my call to their mobile in CR was 9 cents a minute.

So go and give them a call! They'll be so surprised and would love to hear from you!!!!

Merry Christmas to all the family and friends of the RMs!

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